Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

8:30 am                    Sunday School
9:30 am                    Worship Service
9:30 am                    Children and Youth Church
12:30 pm                 Lay Organization (4th Sunday following worship service)

5:00 am                    Prayer Generals Line 1-605-475-3535 Access Code: 598652#
11:30 – 1:00             Community Feeding Program
6:30 pm                    Youth Bible Study
6:30 pm                    Scholarship Committee (2nd Tuesday)
6:30 pm                    Trustee Board (2nd Tuesday)
6:30 pm                    Steward Board (3rd Tuesday)

7:00 am                    St. Paul AME Prayer Line 1-712-432-0140 Access Code: 237730#
1:00 pm                    Senior Advocacy Group (3rd Wednesday)
6:00 pm                    Pastor's Bible Study
7:30 pm                    Mass Choir Rehearsal
6:00 pm                    Young Voices (2nd and 3rd Wednesday)

5:00 pm                    Project Touchdown
7:00 pm                    Joyful Praise Dance Ministry
6:30 pm                    Class Leaders Council (3rd Thursday)

6:30 pm                    Connect! (3rd Friday)

8:00 am                    Stewardess and Deaconess Board (before 1st Sunday)
10:00 am                  Women’s Missionary Society (3rd Saturday)

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