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Health Commission

Health Ministry Annual Report

Conference Year 2010-2011


The health ministry has an unwavering mission to educate ourselves, our church and biological families in the way of good stewardship for our bodies. God has given us

a well-equipped body, and it’s up to us to nurture it through healthy nutrition, exercise, rest, relaxation and sleep.   Our bodies also need physical, dental and mental check-ups by our healthcare providers.


As members of this important ministry, we continue encouragement for ourselves and families by reading health articles, distributing health pamphlets, and health information by e-mail and snail mail, attending and participating in workshops and seminars.  We have successfully completed--annually, nine years of Hypertension Prevention Sunday blood pressure screenings, in collaboration with Alta Bates Summit Medical Center.  We are encouraged—and do, monitor our blood pressure often, and take our prescribed medications for control as well.  Keeping a healthy blood pressure—is serious business, as a part of monitoring good health.  The normal numbers have changed to 115/70, according to the American Medical Association.  


Our health disparities remind us to be proactive about our own health, and it has kept us on the road to wanting good health for those around us as well.  God gave us these bodies that we are in—so with God’s help, we can strive to be good stewards over them. 


The health ministry is diligent in encouraging and providing water , instead of soda for our church events. We are participating in “ re-thinking our drink campaign”  Alameda County Nutrition Services. 

We are also joining the 5th District WMS walking, counting our steps via pedometer and making a report once a month of our progress, to the CA Conference WMS.  The health ministry community involvement include—The Omega Boys Informational Training Conference, Faith in Action Leadership Training, Body and Soul Workshop Changing Lifestyle—Healthy Foods (more raw vs cooked),   A vegetarian option and low-calorie foods as well, should be available for those who desire these options.

According to naturopathic physician, Jamison Starbuck “With aging and stress, the stomach’s production of HCL, which facilitates the function of digestive enzymes, declines. This leads to the malabsorption of nutrients, especially poor digestion of fat and protein.  Though most people don’t know it, heartburn is often caused by too little rather than too much stomach acid!  Poor digestion leads to inflammation, and skin reactions can result.  Though supplemental HCL is available over-the-counter in capsules, you must consult a nutritionally oriented physician before taking it.  HCL is a strong acid—if you’ve got gastritis or esophagi is, you can worsen your condition by taking HCL.”  Continue your road to an abundant life with a healthy mind, body and soul.


Beloved, I pray that all may go well with you and that you may be in health;
I know that it is well with your soul.  3 JOHN 2


MEMBERS—B. Habersham, P. Holman, O. Fowles, J. Parker, J. Johnson, Y.Guyton-Johnson, Y. Maker, J. Nicholson, Z. Anderson     












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