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St. Paul AME Class Leader’s Council

Annual Report

Conference Year 2010-2011

Rev, Leslie R. White, Pastor



The St. Paul AME Church Class Leaders Council gives all praise and glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  This has been an excellent conference year of spiritual  growth and dedicated membership care, service and support to the St. Paul church family.  Under the guidance and direction of Pastor Leslie R. White, the Class Leaders were challenged to develop new and enriching activities that worked in alignment with the foundation of God's word and love for all people.  Below are a few key highlights of the successful accomplisents achieved by the Class Leaders this conference year.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Reflections of a Dynamic, Blessed and Energized Ministry

Monthly Meetings:
Class Leaders are trained by use of the Bible, The Book of Discipline of the AME Church, Pastor's word, church mentors and reference materials such as the current edition of the Class Leaders System. These resources give a comprehensive foundation to help achieve a solid and regular focus for understanding the purpose, objective, goal , and vision of the ministry.  Meetings are held in person at church, local resturants and via  conference call to provide energy and variety to the meeting format. Having meetings on occasion outside of the church has offered opportunity for evangelism and spiritual enrichment.

Weekly Sunday Morning Fellowship Breakfast:
In a commitment to strengthen the relationships and communications of the membership, a light and healthy pot-luck breakfast is served weekly.  Each membership class gathers for devotion, shares news (e.g.,  birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, prayer requests, etc.) as a way to stay connected with each other in God's love, care and support.

Support of Youth With Generational Collaboration:
Class Leaders proudly presented it's joint Annual Black History Celebration with the Young People's Department.  This year, as in years past, a historical evening of good food, excellent personal reflections of membership social justice experiences, youth performances and black history trivia was enjoyed by the church family. This evening of sharing continues to bond our church family together in appreciation of our rich African American history.

Gathering The Sheep:
Pastor White encouraged the Class Leaders to work closely with our evangelism ministry team to find inactive members and to renew relationships and reconnect with them.  Palm Sunday was a day to acknowledge the Class Leaders commitment to serve the membership and to Gathering The Sheep on Palm Sunday.  This effort continues throughout the conference year.

Homecoming 2011:
As one of the key annual activities sponsored by the Class Leaders Council, Homecoming 2011 was a blessed and spirit-filled time where current and previous members joined to celebrate in a family reunion atmosphere. Rev. Dr. Ralph Watkins blessed us in a thought provoking training workshop on Saturday, August 13 and delivered a powerful sermon on Sunday, August 14, 2011.  This weekend of great evangelism training, worship, enjoyable entertainment and fellowship was indeed a blessed time!

 Giving God The Highest Praise Through Service:
Class Leaders continue to care for and support the concerns of the  membership through it's joy of service and due diligence.  This best effort is a key ministry priority and is executed regularly.  These various tasks (e.g. membership contact information updates, sick and homebound membership care, regular communication, etc.) are the main reasons that inspire the St. Paul Class Leaders Council to thank God for yet another blessed year and to continue it's care, service and support of God's children.  

Yours In Christ Love,

Sister Grace Livingston-Ninley, President and the
The SPAMEC Class Leaders Council

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